Kate Graham Family Lawyer Blog

It’s been 6 months since my inaugural blog. While there have been many things which have happened and about which I would be happy to write, I need to face up to my first 6 months as a social media participant.

‘Participate’ may be giving me too much credit.

On the positive side, I have:

  • Written 4 other blogs, which took longer me longer than it should have and which I have then, with some difficulty, posted to my web-page;
  • Learned how to like and share on Facebook;
  • Opened an Instagram page, although, I confess it is to see my friend’s renovation pictures – I haven’t posted anything, but I have an account;
  • Attended and, to some extent, contributed to a social media workshop run by social media guru, Clarissa Rayward;
  • Learned the power of social media as a marketing tool; and
  • Attended my first social media-marketing meeting with Susannah Strauss of ECBD. Susannah is the grand-daughter of the Honourable Steven Strauss, Judge of the Full Court of the Family Court, who I hold in the highest esteem and done since I had the privilege of meeting him in 2001. I wonder what the Judge would have thought of practising in the world of social media?

On the downside:

  • My enthusiasm is quick to waver;
  • The ideas I come up with do not seem to be anything which hasn’t already been done; and
  • I drive my colleague, Orlena Moloney crazy asking: “Do I post this to Facebook or LinkedIn?”

My aim for the next 6 months:

  • Do everything Susannah tells me, on time;
  • To change the way I see the situations I find myself in and realise there are opportunities there for social media interaction;
  • Keep plugging away at posts and blogs, in the hope I start to find the ‘fun’ others seem to find in social media.

I acknowledge this may not be a world in which I ever feel comfortable but I am determined to persevere.

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